Earning potential explained



     Now for the most impotant question of all, how much will they pay me for every ad I read?

     Most PTC sites  will pay you .01 or one cent for every advertisement you read. What 1 cent?!!,you said this was an industry with great earning potential, you must be joking or wasting my time.  Not really if you look at itperspective.

     1) Remember earnings are  in U.S. dollars.

     2) Let's say you joined  10  PTC programs with an average of 4 ads daily,so

        10 PTC programs X 4 ads to read daily X .01(payment for every ad)= $0.40/day or$12.00/month without any cash out on your part !

     So what ? $12.00 a month  is too small for all the bother, no thanks I'll look for another alternative source of income.Wait I'm not done yet.  Most PTCs will pay you 50 % for every person you refer , this could come from  your family , friends or visitors in your web site who joins the program by clicking and registering on the banner similar to mine  which every PTC will be glad to provide. * Just a word of caution do not create  more than one account on a same ptc program using the same computer using a different names and password,their security team will detect that you are using the same IP, they will brand you as a cheater,delete your account and confiscate all your earnings, again only one account on every computer on every ptc site you join understood.Now back to more earnings.

     15 referals X $6.00 ( that is if they do exactly what you do) = $90.00 (earning from 10 referals)

     $90.00 (income from referals) + $12.00 (your personal earning) = $102.00/month total income

     What if you have more than 10 referrals and joined more than 10 PTC programs? Start counting your earnings !!!