Welcome to LOUIEVILL "A beginner's guide to PTCS"

     Welcome to my Home page, my name is Louie , I'm from the Philippines and residing in our beautiful and one of the cleanest and greenest city of Metro Manila , Las Pinas a few hours drive from the capital Manila.

     Just recently I was told that money could be made using only your computer and internet connection thru PTC or paid to click,free to join and nothing to buy or sell, no sites to maintain and the program is neither a ponzzi or pyramid scheme,too good to be true, nor a get rich quick scam.

     At first I was very skeptical, you see business had always been my life ever since my father asked me to help him manage his business at age 16,in fact I even traded what might had been a career in the medical profession just to go full time into business. It's not really money that I love but the many ways to earn it honestly, " the thrill of the deal " had always been a life time passion, taking a backseat only to my love of God , country,and my family.

     I was a skeptic but I kept an open mind on the idea, I remember the first time someone told me about Ebay and how auctions and bidding could be done online in real time, boy was I a skeptic until I won my first set of ancient Roman coins on Ebay for my collection ! Ancient coins that as a young lad before the advent of the computer and the internet I could only stare wide eyed on ancient history books in my school liberary.

     Now do not get me wrong, I am neither an expert nor a guru on this subject, it is only my honest and ernest desire  to share my personal experience, and maybe together we can explore this indutry with a great potential and perhaps generate a potential source of  alternative and residual income.

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